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A safe agency designed for all companions

Images for now , other than Amber and Delilah are stock images.  As more models are added, images will reflect the true image and message of this agency and will include POC, BBW, Goth and more.

About Our Models

I want to welcome you to a new idea. One that actually promotes body and gender positivity for all Model types.  I wanted to remind the world and the industry that BBW’s,  people of color,  Goth , Tattoed , Gay, Trans and non- binary , gender fluid Models are all AWESOME!  I want to help all of us find the great clients that still exist out there.

I expect and demand that all my models be educated, well spoken, drug free and have good work ethic.   

Anytime you hire one of my Models you can expect them to be clean, attentive and well groomed.

I also expect them to provide you with clean and safe incall locations for those who will be doing incall.

Sit back , browse and find your perfect new past time.

We are new and growing so check back regularly  for new models!

Hours Of Operation:

7 days a week EXCEPT Holidays!

10 am till 10 pm daily.

Email: uniquebeauties2018@gmail.com ( temporary email address. Will update soon)

Featured Model

Delilah Dusante

Your Mature , Bespoke Companion
I am a full figured , sensual delight. You will find me to be an exquisite choice for any public outing as well as indoor activities privately .
I am a short but powerful 5 ft  tall
170 ibs.
I am also the proprietor of Unique Beauties, There is more about me in the About Delilah section.
Soon this featured beauty slot will come to showcase other providers that are available through our agency.
Deliciously yours,
Now Hiring

I am Looking for
Unique Beauties

If you are a new escort or even experienced escort who just doesn’t want to deal with the ins and outs of being independent I may be a good idea.

Currently hiring for the following cities ( but feel free to contact me no matter where you are)

Los angeles, ca

Baltimore, MD


Los angeles, CA







About Me Delilah

Hello. I have been known throughout the industry as Delilah. I have been an escort off and on since 2001. While my goal for being an escort is not to become rich or flashy as it is for alot of ladies. I have the skill set and knowledge and experience to help you grow and become as wealthy from it as you like. For me my family was my first priority so it may have been different for me. But, again I can help you. I have given advice when they were newbies to two of the highest regarded high dollar ladies in Atlanta.

*Models are expected to be responsible for their own taxes.  You’d file as independent contractor so that is the form you will need at the end of the year.  A ledger will be kept to help you keep up with your earnings.

© 2019 Unique Beauties

Explanation of how this business is run.
I am NOT a pimp, I am the owner of this dating service.
All ladies, Trans , non binary’s etc who are employed by me are employed of their own free will.
I take trafficking and endangering of others very seriously and do not participate or condone such behaviors.
Anyone you find on this site has signed a contract and also submitted proof of age to make sure 
that it is of their own free will and that they are of age. 
I created this agency specifically if you will for those of us who in the sex work world are 
not treated with the same respect and courtesies as some of our counterparts. I want to change
how we are seen, treated and respected. So if you are a person of color, a BBW, a Goth , a Tattooed person,
a person with a disability, Trans , or gay or non binary gender person.. I AM LOOKING FOR YOU!!!!
I promise to do all I can do keep you safe, treat you fairly and work towards the masses accepting us!
I do accept people from all cities and states so if you are wanting to work for me please
feel free to apply. The percentage I take is beyond reasonable and you ( employee) end up with
most of the fees allotted to you.
If you want to work for someone who is a companion herself. Someone who has been in the
industry for years and who will NEVER take advantage of you please contact me.
Simply go to the BECOME A MODEL PAGE.
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